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Easley, master artist paints the Harbor

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Paige Bradley, the work of Paige Bradley is now on exhibit at Gallery D'May

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Newest Painting entilted "Twilight Moon" by Mark Keathley

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There are moments in life when you know the decision before you could change everything.   I call those "windows" of opportunity - a fleeting moment when the quiet thought to forgive or to bless someone is there in my mind and the choice I have before me is about listening and following the thought or to dismiss it as if it were "just another thought."   Our minds are not our own, however, and these "thoughts" come from opposing forces.  We should pay attention to them and chose the side of goodness.   I have often thought of this fleeting moment in time when I was out in nature - fishing or hiking -  and the phenomenon of a moon rise in the east while the sun is setting in the west unfolded before me.  It is a moment of wonder for me when the brilliant colors of the evening sun are peaking at the moment the moon is at its largest in the dimming sky.   In my newest painting, I've tried to capture this moment for you to remind you of those fleeting moments when we often dismiss the thoughts to give and to share.  May His Light and Glory be evident on your face and in your life in such a way that people watching you have the same response as they would to a Twilight Moon.   -- Mark Keathley

From Russia with Love

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The renowned figurative artist Anna Razumovskaya visits Cape May!

The show is a huge success for all clients.

Anna introduces her newest collection...

Intermission II is one of the latest.